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LawToolBox is a software which provides all the court rules in one place. It helps in easy management of court deadlines. Together with Microsoft Office 365  Outlook, it makes tasks easier for legal.

Why LawToolBox for your business?

Plans Available:

  • LawToolBox365 for Law Firms (Monthly/Annual) 1-9 Licenses
  • LawToolBox365 for Law Firms (Monthly/Annual) 10-19 Licenses 
  • LawToolBox365 for Law Firms (Monthly/Annual) 20-300 Licenses
  • LawToolBox365 Legal Departments (Monthly/Annual) 5 License Minimum

LawToolBox - LawToolBox365

  • Allows attorneys to calculate deadlines based on U.S. state and federal court rules  
  • It makes sharing of deadlines with the clients much easier using outlook
  • No software  is required to be downloaded at clients end
  • Provides all the rules in one place and each changed rule is available easily for access


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